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BOSU® Double Up Double Down

Are you ready to double the intensity, double the interaction, double the results and double the FUN? This workshop is designed to teach you dozens of brand new drills, skills and sequences using two BOSU® Balance Trainers, not just one! Learn how to exponentially expand the utility of the Balance Trainer simply by doubling down, and walk away with exciting ideas for solo drills, partner drills and team drills that can be used in group fitness, personal training, boot camp, kid’s programs, circuit training and sport conditioning. Guaranteed to inspire you to BOSU® like never before!

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BOSU® HIIT Extreme

Intense, focused, efficient, challenging, rewarding, and jam packed with action from start to finish. Learn the science of high intensity interval training and its application to both fitness and sport. Take home a variety of short, plug-n-play high intensity interval sequences that are realistic for both high level athletes and mere mortals, and are guaranteed to raise your heart rate, fitness level, calorie expenditure and the FUN factor!

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BOSU® Strong + Stretched

The BOSU® Balance Trainer is one of the fitness industry's best strengthening and stretching accessories, and this workshop covers both! First, you will learn brand-new athletic, total body exercises and sequences that are designed to functionally strengthen the body from head to toe, and can be used in any type of strength, sculpt or conditioning workouts. Then, you will learn a variety of yoga-inspired stretch sequences that utilize the Balance Trainer to make easy stretches more challenging, and tough stretches easier to do! Don't miss this chance to get the best of both worlds!

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3D XTREME powered by BOSU®

3D XTREME is a unique, high-intensity, team-oriented workout that combines functional, integrated, total body training with explosive cardio and interactive team challenges to get maximum results in the minimum amount of time. Designed to utilize BOSU® Balance Trainers and other equipment common to most clubs, 3D XTREME powered by BOSU® is the perfect solution for large or small facilities looking for new programming that incorporates the Balance Trainer.

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Taught by the inventor, David Weck, the BOSU® Elite Online Training Course is the essential guide on how to effectively and properly use the BOSU® Elite's new high density dome and design features to achieve maximum results both athletically and aesthetically. This course provides the most important tips, new techniques, and new exercises to get the most out of your BOSU® Elite training and training in general!

There are many ways you can use the BOSU® Elite, however this course teaches you the most effective exercises and introduces all new training concepts that will open your eyes to a whole new approach on training.

The BOSU® Elite online instructor course takes you through in-depth video tutorials, diving deep into key aspects of BOSU® Elite training, starting from its inception to its new design and features to individual exercises and client cueing.

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